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Unfortunately all the links to Album art, Music, some links to Webpages and a few posts had to be removed because they can no longer be found and some of the information was missing.

The dates to the some of the music posted on spunjet.com was estimated. Most of these Weblogs exist today because they were archived by the Wayback Machine and the rest is from the brain and inbox of R.h.oZ.

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December 31, 2010

(from the brain of R.h.oZ)

Lots of music including their stem files have been uploaded to spunjet.com. The music was recorded from July 7th to December 31, 2010.

Download, Sample, Create and Share.

October 2nd, 2010

(from the inbox of R.h.oZ)

Hey Helio,

Hows it going? I am well. I’m just at home and it is around 2:00pm I think, I am up and atom. I am sending you this email cause I wanted to let you know I don’t have a website anymore. It has been hard having a website. Especially if I am trying to sell and no one is buying. People do listen to the music I think I get a lot of hits but not much feed back. If I do get feed back it mostly viagra poo stuff like that..lol Soo.

I still have everything backed up on my computer if I ever decide to put it back up again. I am going to put in on a dvd for storage. I also have the. ES 2010 project backed up, everything, if you want a copy of it I can send it to you. We can still work on it later if you want. I also have the electronic symphonic 123 volumes if you want those to you probably have them but I thought I would let you know I have them too and will be listening to them.

I know you have a musical matrimony link on your rhoz.ca website. If you want I can give you the full versions of that album and the artwork for free listens and you can designate a page for it, its up to you if you want to do that or not after all you only did one song for it.

I will still be making music on and off. Uploading stuff to Spunjet.com. Helio, I am glad you have a website like that. thats a damn good idea and I am surprised there aren’t more people on there that have not signed up its a great sharing and remixing website, I love it!

anyway I hope this email message finds you well I am going to drink my coffee and smoke my tobacco pipe.

– Marlon

(from the brain of R.h.oZ)

Unfortunately I didn’t keep a copy of the e-mail I sent Marlon. My recollection of it was something like the following.

Hey Marlon, I’m glad your well but that sucks about your website. I understand, you need to do what you think is best for you. Just so you know there are a lot of free hosting sites that you could use and they are a lot better then the ones I used years ago. Way better! Just saying…

As for selling Music? Yeah it’s really hard selling muisc these days, especially if you don’t have the money to promote it. That is partly why I don’t try to sell CD’s anymore, It took me years to sell “Journey to nowhere” and it was only a short run of CD’s. Mp3’s are even harder to sell online because there is so much out there to listen too, which makes it hard to compete without a lot of money or connections to use for promotion.

I’m glad you like Spunjet, 🙂 I am just as surprised as you are that there aren’t more people using it. I will keep it online as long as I can. As for the music; I am thinking of putting up a lot of the old stuff in the future.

I am glad you are still going to record new music Marlon.

Take care Marlon

– Over-&-out_There R.h.oZ

Tuesday July 6th 2010

A single song J&M release!
Price : One dollar CAD

J_&_M-Glow-Low.ogg – J&M-Glow-low.ogg

Johan: guitar, bass, piano
Marlon: drums, haunting choir

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

2009: >GTG ST 2008.
@ http://www.gtgsynths.com/plugins.htm

Monday July 5th. 2010

To start this Monday with this blog entry here. I have made a song called “I need I need”. You’ll only be able to find it at Spunjet.com.

Saturday July 3rd 2010

Today’s blog entry consists of this small update.I have decided to disclude all my free to download music from this website. All new song releases that come from my end weather it is a J&M release or me and that it is free will be released only on the Spunjet records website.
Any free music before this text in a blog will still remain. I’m just removing the link to the section designated to free music. I am trying to make a more listening to full length low quality songs and buying experience here for now and the future.

Though the free music at other cool projects link will still remain, so all is good!

Monday June 28th 2010

A pretty good song I made today free to be remixed is at Spunjet.com


Wednesday June 23rd 2010

Over at Spunjet records you get to hear a free song I made this morning called The light is black

Monday June 14th 2010

One of those songs..

Marlon_Cairenius-Do_a.ogg – Marlon_Cairenius-Do_a.ogg

Vst plugin used: 2009: GTG ST 2008.

@ http://www.gtgsynths.com/plugins.htm

One dollar CAD<

Monday June 14th 2010

The why should I buy music from “The musical endeavors of Marlon Cairenius” website?

blog entry.

Well there are several reasons why I think a person like you might want to buy music from here, and that is:

1. It supports me fanacially

2. It lets me know that my music is good and that I am doing a good job.

3. You get access to the better quality version, it is a lot clearer than the low quality version.

If you visit this website a lot you might think ahh he is making money!

My little purchase for a song won’t make much difference. You’d think that, but the reality is to this date Sunday June 13th 2010 since I have had my website up I have only sold 2 albums. Wow! You say! I thought it might be more. But no! Thats it!

So think about it, it makes that much a difference!

Monday June 14th 2010

Marlon’s most favorite songs 2010
Here is a list of 47 songs of my most favorite of 2010 from my free downloads section. I hope you like them as much as I do.


Tuesday June 1st 2010

A song I came up with this evening called:


Buy the high quality version below.

Monday May 31 2010

The new Electroniek symphoniek 4th volume which went ahead
on March 18th 2010
has turned into something more than just an album. Because I am sworn
to secrecy
I can’t say much about our progress. So now it is more identifiyable as
a project. The
Electroniek symphoniek 2010 project.

Wed May 26th 2010

Today’s free song is


Monday May 17th.2010

Heres a new video. I wrote this song in August of 2009. It’s Called “Mountain man”.

Here is also my home studio version: Marlon_Cairenius-Mountain_man.ogg

Thursday May 13th 2010< (untitled.jpg)(file-name) Marlon_Cairenius-And_I_see_you.ogg - Marlon_Cairenius-And I see you.ogg

Thursday May 6th 2010

A version 2 of

marlon_cairenius-thelastwave.ogg – Marlon Cairenius-The last wave.ogg

From my 2003 “Perspective” free album is available for purchase here below.

Vst plugin used
2009: GTG ST 2008.

@ http://www.gtgsynths.com/plugins.htm

Wed May 5th 2010

A Free new “Innovations and arrows 3” single.

Marlon_Cairenius-The_warden_too.ogg – Marlon_Cairenius-The warden too.ogg

Vst plugin used:
2009: GTG ST 2008.

@ http://www.gtgsynths.com/plugins.htm


Theres a man in prison who asked his sons to send him
a catalog of flying model helicopters. The man in prison is
interested in these things. So his second son sent his
father some printed webpages of a catalog of flying model
helicopers. The warden recieved the letter from his second
son as they get forwarded to the warden before any letter is
recieved to an inmate.

The warden sent the letter to the second son and
explained to him that plans for helicopters are not allowed

As this letter the second son had sent to his father was not
plans to make a flying helicopter it was a catalog of flying model

ohhhhhhhhhhhh, what a silly world we live in
ohhhhhhhhhh, what a silly world we live in

Note: Whats he gonna do fly out of there? LOL

Monday April 26th.2010

New album released today.

A 4 song album along with this picture I drew with Gimp.
Ya, maybe a quick doodle but It’s all I could come up with.
I had these songs on my Mp3 player, never released them
until now. Except maybe “Fantasy” that one is a recent one.

3 dollars Canadian “digital download”. Hear the low bitrate
versions below.



Friday April 23.2010

Todays friday free song is Marlon_Cairenius-Gathering.ogg

Wed April 21/2010

Today some small update, I have been thinking about the CDRs that have been for sale at my purchase CDRs page. Thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that CDR audio ment for playing on a cd player is not good enough for audio playback for me.

I know theres a lot of other bands selling there music on CDR and are able to accomplish playback without skipping music on thier cd player. But I have had no such luck! Every time I play on my cd player weather it be a computer disc drive or a regular old stereo system. I found the CDRs that I have been trying to sell have a habit of skipping, even though the surface of the disc appears to have no scratches at all.

I have done some research and found many solutions for this kind of problem. And still no luck for me. It’s funny, if I put regular data on a CDR then I am able to read the data by reading the disc from a computer as long as there are no major surface scratches on the CDR. But audio as in CD player audio, it is pretty crumby..

I have announced a release previously that will be on DVD disc, I am pretty satisfied with a DVD release. I find that the data on a dvd disc is a lot harder to damage and lasts longer, I don’t know if maybe they make the DVD disc bigger or thicker and just overall better made, but DVD have proved to be a good storage disc.

So.. Everything now on my CDRs for sale page will no longer be on for sale except for the “Musical endeavors of Marlon Cairenius 2003 – 2008 Lightscribed CDR, only a few in stock, since CDR data seems to be alright. But! there will be an update maybe a month from now where I will be selling DVD Ogg audio format versions of the rest of what was selling on CDR. I think It will just work out fine!

Marlon C

Thursday April 8th 2010

Soon to be released, a Musical Endeavors of Marlon Cairenius DVD Called “Sales from the other dimension”. This release is the whole collection from my Download music for sale page. From 2005 to present. As this is not a DVD audio disk, nor will it play on portable media devices. Instead it is a song collection in Ogg Vorbis. Easily it will play on any computer with a DVD drive and an Ogg media player such as VLC player.

To play the songs on this disk on a Portable media player like MP3 players, you can simply convert them to MP3 your self, thats one way to do it. Programs to do it in Windows and Linux exist on the net.

This release will be in production around 2 months from now. Here is a sneak peak at the cover.


April 5th 2010

Marlon_Cairenius-The_snake_has_spit_.ogg – Marlon_Cairenius-The snake has spit.ogg

Buy the high quality version below

Saturday March 27th 2010

(Edited 11:53pm)

Over at spunjet.com you can hear and remix a J&M release called: J&M-Spice rock.ogg
Can be downloaded from here too. Here’s something funny. Look at the cat with headphones while your listening to this song it’s hilarious!

Johan: Guitars.
Marlon: Synth, Bass guitar.


This Gif image was downloaded from http://www.gifbin.com/981107

Thursday March 18th 2010< Good morning! 5:47 am here right now in Ontario. I write this blog about to announce the 4th release of Electroniek symphoniek. Been a about a year since the last release. All the other releases have their unique sound so it is hard to tell what this new one will sound like. This forth release is produced by R.h.oZ as was the last one. It is most definetly turning into something, no doubt his recipe for the music will concoct a delicious masterpiece of sound that Electroniek symphoniek is that we come up with. Also, this blog entry not only annouces a release but also a free song I worked on yesterday night. It is called Marlon_Cairenius-Three.ogg - Marlon_Cairenius-three.ogg Why three? Three is a number fantasized about. Thinking about it and why exactly it is significant is a mystery to me. But it has always been a number with exciting thought in my mind.

Friday March 12 2010

This song called “In love with sound” a recording made this Friday night. Has an acoustic bass, flutes some synths a drum beat and I praising sound. Horay for sound!

Also for your excitment here is a great picture of me smoking my tabacco pipe.


Marlon_Cairenius-In_love_with_sound.ogg – Marlon_Cairenius-In_love_with_sound.ogg

Buy for 1 dollar CAD (High quality version)

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

Friday March 12 2010

Several updates! First off, the Purchase page for CDRs has been updated with new prices.

(See below)

J&M Productions – Flying Object CDR – 8.00 CAD

J&M Productions – Musical matrimony CDR – 12.00 CAD

J&M productions – Shadows CDR – 8.00 CAD

Marlon Cairenius – Jump songs CDR – 8.00 CAD

Marlon Cairenius – 2003 2008 Ogg CDR – 12.00 CAD

I basically kept it as, if it is 5 songs or less it 8 dollars if it is ten or more 12 dollars.

What happened to the Electroniek Symphoniek cassette? You ask?

Well, After thinking about it a bit I decided to leave it out because I don’t think the sound quality is all that great. As much as I like the idea it just dosn’t cut it. I should always be able to offer great sound quality to my customers.

Usb stick album no more?

Yes, no more stick Usb album at the moment. But possibly in the future.

Thursday March 11 2010

The gallery page has been updated with new pics.

Monday March 8 2010

Almost a month since I wrote something in my blog here. At this moment I am listening to a song I wrote, I like what I have come up with. It has an egyptian sound to it.

A lot of my music has been released on the spunjet. com website. I am hoping someone would remix this song I am
listening to, I wonder what it could sound like if someone else did something to it. Soo, if you go over to spunjet.com
you can here this song I am listening to called “Written song”.

Thursday Feb 11 2010

Single album release: It’s just dizzyness remember that!

Musician: Marlon Cairenius


Marlon_Cairenius-Insane_matrix.ogg – Marlon_Cairenius-Insane_matrix.ogg

Buy the high quality version below! (Digital download)


Friday Jan 29,2010

Good friday everyone! In my previous blogs I announced that Johan and I would do a live at home version of the “Ocean song”. Well we did and it came out fine took us 4 or 5 tries to get it good but thats not so bad since we hardly play it on a daily bases, for Johan maybe but not me.

We recorded this video Thursday Jan 28th 2010. I hope you like the video, the sound quality is quite good since we had the video and sound recorded at the same time separately.

Also I have also provided a link to the studio version we made in 04/04/08.

marlon_johan_cairenius-the_ocean_song.ogg – J&M-Ocean song.ogg

Monday 25th.2009

Two song album: Album two
Musician: Marlon Cairenius

Instruments: Keys, Drum machine, bottleguit.

Marlon_Cairenius-Constuctor.ogg -Marlon_Cairenius-Constuctor.ogg
Marlon_Cairenius-Lonely_and_no_memory_at_all.ogg – Marlon_Cairenius-Lonely_and_no_memory_at_all.ogg

You’ll be directed to a page where you can download the two high quality oggs 2 dollars CAD.

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

Saturday Jan 23.2010

This is “The Songs of the days – 2009” FREE album! Over the course of the year 2009 many songs where made with no real idea onto what to do with them other than just posting them singly in my blogs.

So I simply just made myself a simple cover and sorted out all the songs and made a list of them from most recent to the oldest. Sure it is a lot easyer to access the songs cause it will also be posted on my free music section as of now.

Songs include only free ones I decided to keep free Dose not include any for sale songs. Or other free albums made in 2009.


Info and other contibuters: Songs made in 2009. Johan Cairenius for his work on J&M songs.

Imagination on.ogg
The women with the sticks.ogg
Lazy saturday song.ogg
Marlon Cairenius – unamed.ogg
The thinking song.ogg
Marlon_Cairenius-Mukassa_is waking.ogg
Marlon_Cairenius_Red rose thorn.ogg
Marlon_Cairenius_Blue balls.ogg
Marlon_Cairenius-Blues_on a gray day.ogg
Marlon Cairenius_22 storys to the matrix.ogg
Marlon Cairenius – Touch the fire.ogg
Marlon_Cairenius I will make you dance
Marlon Cairenius_The way of the shum

Saturday Jan 16th.2009

A 2 song release, both singles one free and one for
sale. The free one is called “The sound explorer”. It
has been sped up, so no theres nothing wrong with
your computer, it just is that way. The song that is
for sale was recorded yesterday with a Finnish touch.

Free: Marlon_Cairenius-The_sound_Explorer2.ogg

For sale: Marlon_Cairenius-ufo_fun.ogg
(Low quality version – 32 kbps at 16000hz)

The high quality version can be bought here for a dollar CAD. – 128kbps at 48000hz

Tuesday Jan 5th. 2010

Well, today is Tuesday Jan 5th my first blog entry of 2010. I hope this new year will go well for all of us on this planet, despite all the bad things I hear on the news, Which I try to avoid cause sometimes at times it just makes me feel like crap watching so many bad things happen, but I guess it is sometimes worthwhile for me to be informed. Thats what news dose I suppose.

Todays blog entry includes 2 free songs. The first one is called “The blackness is my space” the second in line is called “The number”. “The number” is song I wrote about a day I had waking up too late and repercussions of such a simple doing.

Marlon_Cairenius-The_blackness_is_my_space.ogg – Marlon_Cairenius-The_blackness_is_my_space.ogg
Johan on guitar
drums guitar and vocals. written by Marlon Cairenius.

This is the end of the line…

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