This page was updated on February 19th, 2024.

This website, conceived by the late Marlon Cairenius, emerged in the early days of 1996 as an affordable alternative for music distribution. Its initial purpose was to share music globally, documenting the musical journey while providing a comprehensive list of equipment and software utilized in the recording process. The primary objective was to make these recordings available for online download. Due to internet limitations of that era, achieving this required employing audio compression to reduce file sizes for faster downloads. These compressed files eventually became known as Mp3’s, which Marlon predominantly used until 2009, occasionally incorporating Wav files. Post-2009, Marlon transitioned to using the Ogg format and occasionally flac.

Presently, R.h.oZ oversees the management of this site, with Geezer Tooth handling maintenance and Flip Froggy providing funding. The collective aim is to ensure the continued existence and accessibility of Marlon’s music online for the future.

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