This serves as the official hub for Marlon Cairenius, where the internet has functioned as a creative outlet for Marlon’s Musical Endeavors for over two decades. The inspiration for much of the music, including numerous albums featured on this site, struck Marlon while seated in front of his computer with Windows Notepad open. With fingers poised over the keyboard, he was fully equipped to transcribe the musings of his imagination—ideas that could span the entire spectrum of possibilities.

In The Beginning

My passion for song writing and music production began in March of 1994 when I saw a Korg Wavestation being pulled out of a Station Wagon. The mesmerizing sound it produced left me both bewildered and in awe. Regrettably, the chance to incorporate that Korg, or any other Korg instrument, into my early recordings never materialized. Instead, my musical palette in those days was primarily painted with the strokes of Casio, Realistic, and later, Yamaha keyboards. These brands were readily available in electronic stores, such as RadioShack, during the early 1990s. Interestingly, I didn’t personally acquire any of these keyboards; they were mostly Christmas presents. I admit that, while I found them intriguing, I didn’t truly grasp their potential until I discovered how they could be harnessed to record my own music. This marked the inception of a passion that would accompany me throughout the entirety of my life.

– Marlon Cairenius

A Musical Prelude

Marlon and I had our official introduction on a Brampton bus in 1993. Although we were familiar with each other, that bus ride marked the first time we engaged in a proper conversation. While we were on that bus packed like Sardines I noticed a group of guys around Marlon. I notice one guy in particular because he had a huge smile on his face while he was asking Marlon questions. I remember thinking his smile reminded me of the Grinch and I could tell that those questions were making Marlon very uncomfortable.

I interrupted the conversation and changed the subject to music by asking everyone what they liked to listen to. Shortly after, Marlon wanted to know what I was listening to on my Walkman. I started to laugh and told him I was listening to myself. Marlon looked kind of puzzled and said “Yourself?” I said yes and asked him if he would like to listen to it? He gave me a nod and I put my headphones on his head.

– R.h.oZ

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