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Unfortunately all the links to Album art, Music and Webpages had to be removed because they can no longer be found. These Weblogs only exist today because they were archived and can be found at the Wayback Machine.

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December 25th, 2007

Ho! ho ho ho!

Music for ears!

December 19th, 2007

>Here is a little diddy I wrote yesterday, I call it “future light”.
A soft guitar with some metronome, a bell synth noise and piano.


Very good album to hear!

November 9th, 2007

R.h.oZ has a an awesumus album


check it out (scroll down) called “Static (mode-1)” . If you listen to it from begining to end you’ll love the way it transpires!

Electroniek symphoniek

November 4th, 2007

For those of you who missed the album in my past weblogs, I decided to post this again cause it is such a good album.


Click the image for the link to it.

A music video.

October 30th, 2007

Well I didn’t manage to get to one of this earths great oceans to make this video. But! I did manage to record myself using my camera cell phone swimming in my apartment sitting on my chair with headphones on. And then edit the video in such away to have imaginary water waves below myself. Hey! It looks like I am swimming in my apartment and theres a water leak! Enjoy the video laugh if you want! The cool part in this video is my strides seem to go with the music. Get the video here.

Marlon_Cairenius-Ocean_song_video.wmv (Approx 10 megs)

March 1st/2007

Free mini single “Who shall inharhit the crown of enlightnment?”

Mp3 below.

Who shall inharit the crown of enlightnment.mp3

Feb 28/2007

New Single in Music for sale section.

Feb 21, 2007

Here is an interesting artical about Illegal downloads and stuff It’s interesting to see those big companys logic behind it all.


My thoughts on this are:

It seems to me that the companys who claim have lost money think that if people share files, like software and music are losing money. How do they know the person is going to buy it anyway, they get exposure through that anyway, what they claim is illegal file sharing, since when is it wrong to share anything? So in turn those companys have not lost any money at all of what they claim because they can’t proove what they lost because they think if someone shares something a person has bought that the sharey would “automatically” just buy it. I believe their logic is this: The math rule about this is if 1 person out of a houndered buys a piece of software and 99 of them are left and let’s say 49 of them need the same software. And the 1 person shares his software with the 49 who need it than that means the 49 who have it won’t need to buy it. But than on the other hand if the 1 person dose decide to share and the 49 who have a chance to use the shared file “don’t” take the shared file but instead buy it anyway that mean’s the 1 who shared it did not actually share it with the 49 who need it because they decided to buy it instead. This is all about the logic of “chance”.

Crazy stuff!

Marlon C

Feb 18th 2007

Today I decided to put some info about the mp3’s I sell on this website in the music for sale section.

This is what I wrote:

A quick note about distributing mp3’s. The mp3’s that I sell on this website are legal for me to sell, anybody who wishes to sell their own composed music using the mp3 format must follow the guidelines. The guidelines are simple and can be found here: Here

For a person in my position who wants to sell their music using the mp3 format can just follow the guidelines in the agreement. See if I make music and I want to sell mp3’s and my total annual revenue is less than $100,000, the right thing to do is send them the money for the percentage listed in the licensing agreement
for each mp3 sold.

On another note regarding this subject read what R.h.oZ has to say about artists and music, some interesting thoughts about Canada on U.S black list.

Feb 15/2007

Today’s free album I made is called ‘Lazy Sunday’.


Feb 09/2007

New single at the music for sale section at the top is in.

Info about the album can be found there.

Feb 08/2007

I have added a bio to my website it’s located under the picture of me at the top.

Jan 28/2007

Today I decided that the Innovations and arrows cd I made that was freely available for download will go back into selling procedures, can be found in the music for sale link at above page, also other miner changes in the best free songs list.

Jan 26/2007

A song put in the for sale section called “It dosen’t matter to me” is in.

Jan 23/2007

Thanks for not letting me forget.mp3

Jan 22/2007

today made a song called The hacker.mp3

Jan 12/2007

A very beautifull song called Away go never, its a single, I decided to put it for sale.

Jan 08/2007

Website is online today and will stay online hopefully.

Jan 07/2007

Today decided to take off one of the songs from the peace album I made cause I thought it was too bad a song to put on my website.

Jan 05/2007

Added discriptions to the free albums… This is the free music albums section..

I also Just today, added a song I forgot to add to the peace album I made yesterday the missing song is called “Wormholes on my mind”.

Jan 4/2007

Today I decided to make the last 3 songs I did and one more made today into an album, free free free like air. The album art I made is a picture of a peace sign with eyes with my name on it and a one of those strange songs I came up with called Piece666.

It’s below.

Discription: This album is something I can’t really say how it came about, the songs are ideas I had and I guess some things I was thinking about, don’t really know what to say about this album other than it is what it is.

In our warm hearts.mp3
Blood whale.mp3

This is the end of the line…

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