Forty-two -XI-

Forty-two tracks in no particular order began on Marlon’s forty second birthday. This is the 11th online offering and it includes 6 more tracks. As mentioned in previous posts, all recordings used for this project were recorded over a span of 2 decades and come from various sources, which means The sound quality may vary from poor to good. This project contains some Marlon rarities and unreleased R.h.oZ collaborations.

Forty-two part two continues…

31. Pain Killers (Mp3 / Ogg) was taken from an Untitled 2008 release. I love this one…

32. It Knows (Mp3 / Ogg) was taken from Marlon’s 2003 album ‘Perspective’ and it was originally called ‘Know’.

33. I’m Late (Mp3 / Ogg) sounds good with cake.

34. They Are Cold (Mp3 / Ogg) is a previously unreleased R.h.oZ collaboration.

35. Silence (Mp3 / Ogg) is the 5th track on Marlon’s 2021 Ep ‘In Spirit’. This version was created using Goldwave with the help of R.h.oZ.

36. Smooth Reposition (Mp3 / Ogg) has it’s roots in Marlon’s 2009 release of ‘Piano & Bass’ and with Spunjet’s SPU-12: Smooth release which included all the tracks from ‘Piano & Bass’, including all the stems and a 4th track. ‘Smooth Reposition’ continues where ‘Smooth Transition’ from the ‘In Spirit’ Ep left off.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to your return on April 21st, 2021.


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