Mobile Depression Live

This was a recording of a live performance from the summer of 1995, for an audience of one. Yes, it was just one person and this performance was our birthday gift to her. At the end of the show we gave her the recording of the show on a tape. I later made a copy but some how it was lost and her copy was misplaced or stolen.

Only very few fragments existed today…

Tracks Played: ‘Dressed in Black’, ‘Everyman Has A Destiny’, ‘March Of The War Pig’, ‘Time is Incinerating’, ‘Meat Flute’, ‘Cuckoo’ and ‘Tours My Mind’.

Here are a few Mp3’s but keep in mind that the sound quality is quite poor. First recording was taken from a Rehearsal called ‘Everyman Has A Destiny‘, unfortunately this is all that exists today because the live version was awesome. Marlon and R.h.oZ played keyboards on this.

Second recording is ‘March Of The War Pig‘ which was recorded live that night. Marlon improvised on this and It came together pretty good at the end.

Third and final recording is ‘Time is Incinerating‘ which was taken from a sample demo tape from 1995.

* Everything was written by R.h.oZ except ‘Meat Flute’ which is by R.h.oZ and Marlon Cairenius & ‘Time is Incinerating’ which is by Marlon Cairenius.

* Copyright © 1995 Mobile Depression.

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