Let Your Guard Down

This album which was released in 2004 by Marlon Cairenius contains 16 tracks for you to listen to. Marlon described making this album as self-defense against fear or the defence of my wellness..

Tracks: Onward To The Jumble, Clear As A Bell, Earthworm, Energy, Fight The Fight, Give It To The Mind, Glide, In Deep, Long Way To Hell, Maid Of Honour, Mirmilda And Her Phsycho Bubble, More Comes, Nice and Slow, Stone Henges Avenue, Viking Cloud & Witches Hym

* Everything was written, recorded and performed by Marlon Cairenius with the exception of ‘Fight The Fight’ which was created by Marlon & Johan Cairenius.

* Copyright © 2004 Marlon Cairenius.

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