For The Love Of Static

This ‘Mobile Depression‘ album was volume 12 of the ‘Mode Series‘ by ‘Scalpel Stitch‘. All the songs on this release were written by R.h.oZ except ‘Unknown’ which was written by Marlon Cairenius. The music production was done by Marlon Cairenius and R.h.oZ. This version of the album was released on CD and was limited to only 100 copies on December 20th, 1997.

Marlon was in Saskatchewan at the time but happily the album sold out before he returned to Ontario. One third of the money was spent on manufacturing and distributing, about a third of the money went to blank media and computer parts and the rest was spent on Pizza and Chicken Wings. Money well spent! lol

Tracks: Messiah, More Voices, Jump Up and Down, Now Your Free, Unknown, Motif, Help Me & Rest Assured.

* Copyright © 1997 Mobile Depression.

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