Fatal Erections

Fatal Erections was born out of the ‘Helio’s Ex MiX’ tapes in the summer of 1990. Inspired by ‘Weird Al Yankovican’ and the ‘Sex Pistols’, the ‘Fatal Erection’s’ would write and later record ‘Fat Thing’ which was a parody of ‘Wild Thing’. Do to a lack of funds, the recording was made with keyboards instead of guitars to save money. The sound quality was terrible but the ‘Fat Thing’ single was released anyways in the summer of 1994. The single included the 1992 party recording with an intro with the late ‘Onica’, a cut without the intro which was recorded around the same time and two demo’s recorded sometime in 1991 with nothing more than a Casio Sk1 and microphone.

Although the plan was to be a gigging band the concept and sound would change and the band would later only serve as a side project to ‘Mobile Depression’ for the purpose of releasing songs that were ridiculous or just plan dumb. The cast and crew include ‘R.h.oZ’, ‘B.D.P.’, ‘Onica’, ‘Rave’, ‘Trevor Cranberry’, ‘Stroking Tom’ and ‘Marlon Cairenius AKA Mars’. Only one album entitled ‘Crap’ was released but several singles have been released online over the years.

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